Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MIFF's guest schedule is now online

Pedro Costa
Further, and a quick corrective, to a bit of high horse action in my last post re MIFF's folly in omitting details of guests' attendances at screenings from its program: MIFF has just uploaded a comprehensive guest schedule to its website.

While these details haven't (yet) been added to the online entries for each of the corresponding individual sessions, this is still a very helpful development. Better still, the schedule discloses a few very welcome surprises, with none more welcome than the news that Pedro Costa is expected in town for the single screening of his Jeanne Balibar-fixated new feature, Ne Change Rien. (It's a shame that it clashes with Clara Law and producer Eddie Fong dropping in for a screening of their newie, Like a Dream, but c'est la vie.)

I'll also be sure to attend this Sunday's screening of Matinee, safe in the knowledge that Joe Dante will be in attendance. He'll be present for several other screenings of his films yet too, from Friday onwards. I also look forward to Shaun Tan's introduction to his short film, The Lost Thing, which is a part of the Animation Shorts 1 package.

Not before time, but nonetheless: hurrah, hurrah!

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